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Career Transitioning


Considering making a career change? Some of the things you may want to think about are: Where do you want to live and what types of jobs are available there? What kind of lifestyle are you hoping to have? What are you interested in? What are you good at?  


Transferable Skills 

How many transferable skills do you actually have? 





Crafting Your Personal Brand 

1. Focus on what makes you unique. What do you do really well? Do you have good people skills? Are you outgoing and friendly? Or is research and analysis your strong suit? Articulate what you’re good at, and be as specific as possible. 


2. Think about where your passion lies. Do you love to work outside? Are you into sports? Government? Research? Social media? Use your passions to guide you into a career. 


3. Create your online brand. If your social media activity got a bit silly and crazy during your college years it is time to clean it up. Remove posts and photos that a potential employer might find unappealing. Post content and comment on posts that reflect your interests and career passions. Start building your online brand today! Create a LinkedIn page. Learn about writing your own blogs; platforms like WordPress and Joomla make it easier than ever to promote yourself to your target audience. Commit to posting a couple times a week on topics that your audience will find interesting and educational, but that also highlight your unique skills and experience. You can even create a website or a professional video that describes what you stand for and highlights your skills, knowledge and professional accomplishments, showcasing your overall value. 


4. Use social media to your advantage. Social media offers many tools for job seekers. Take a look at who’s in your network, research companies you’re interested in working for, seek out hiring managers so you can build a rapport before meeting them and learn about the industry that attracts you. Information online is plentiful and available. Use it. 


5. Finally, become your own marketing agent. Start observing everything you do, from your image to your spelling in your social media activity. If you were a hiring manager at your dream job, would you hire you? Be sure to promote your brand in person too. Join and participate in industry groups, give talks at conferences and offer to spearhead an important project that highlights your unique talents. 


"Keep putting yourself out there, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. You’ll be scooped up by a great company before you know it."  From 


Labour Market Information  


Labour market information and statistics can be helpful when planning your career decisions. This site will help you explore Ontario's labour market trends, research careers and complete a quiz to point you to jobs you may be interested in. 


Here are the top 100 jobs in demand in Canada. 



Career Transition  

Chieh Huang: How to know if it's time to change careers  

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