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Your Online Job Search

When looking for work, the internet is a great place to find and apply to jobs and post your resume where employers can view it. You can find links to popular job search sites in your area by clicking here


Websites list current jobs that employers are advertising. These positions can be highly competitive because so many people are seeing and applying to them. This means you need to match your skills to what is being asked for in the position so you make it past any of the on-line screening devices so the employer can see your resume.  


You can take advantage of website features such as job agents and job alert services to have postings e-mailed to you that match your profile. If you don't have an e-mail address the YMCA Employment Service can help you set one up. 


Edit or alter your resume every few weeks to repost it. Many recruiters search resumes by the date they were posted so the newer the better! 

Here are a few websites that help further guide you in your Online Job Search:

Online Job Searching 

Applying for Jobs Online 

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