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Job Seekers

Resume Writing

Your resume is a tool used to sell your skills, experience and abilities to employers. In this section you will learn what to include on a resume as well as the different types of resumes so you can choose which one will work best for you.  

Cover Letter Writing

A cover letter is another tool used to sell yourself to the employer. When done the most effectively, it is directed to a specific person at a specific company. For tips and templates, check out this section.  



Interview Tips

Interviews are a chance to have a conversation with an employer and gauge whether you are a fit for the job and the company is a fit for you. Interviews often scare people. To become more prepared and confident in your next interview, this section shows you how to prepare for your next interview.  

Taking your Job Search Virtual

​Many employers now advertise on websites. If you need help navigating on-line job searching, this section is for you! 

Career Transitioning

​Thinking of pursuing a different type of career? Here are some resources to help you. 

Connecting with a Job Coach 

Need someone else behind you to give you support and help you navigate the job search world? Our job coaches are here to help you identify your goals and help you reach them. Find out more about how a job coach can help and how to connect with one in your local area here.  

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