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Cover Letter Writing

Pro Tips 


Tip 1: Address the cover letter to a specific person

  • If it is not in the job posting, contact the company to find out the proper spelling of the person who is in charge of hiring.   


Tip 2: Don't repeat the information that's already in your resume

  • Use the letter to highlight your personality, curiosity, and interest in the position. 


Tip 3: Keep it short, simple and relevant

  •  No more than one page and 3 - 4 paragraphs unless otherwise requested by the employer. 


Tip 4: Use key words taken from the job description 

  • This will help show that you are a match for the position. 


Tip 5: Tailor your cover letter to the company you are applying with 

  • Do your research; tell them what you know about their product, company and industry. Identify something specific to them that impresses you and draw a link between the company and yourself.

  • Emphasize what you can do for the prospective employer over what they can do for you 

  • Get the name of someone who can hire; do not assume that Human Resources has this authority 

  • Get complete address information  

  • Keep it positive – focus on why they should consider you and do not mention something that you do not have 

  • The fewer times you use “I”  at the beginning of a sentence, the better your letter will be 

  • Keep to the task of the letter and save ‘discussions’ for the interview, such as terms of employment, hours or why you are now seeking work 

  • Always try to have job documents checked by another person. Computer spell-check does not ‘read’ for you. 

  • Always double check the spelling of the person's name to whom the letter is addressed 

  • Say anything negative about your current or previous employment situations or about your life in general 

  • Draw attention to requirements you don't have or what you don't know 

  • Go out of your way to express your sense of humor in a letter. You have no way of knowing if your prospective employer shares your taste 











Provided below are a few examples of templates to follow when creating your next cover letter. Still need a helping hand? Click here for more information about how to connect with a Job Coach in your area.

For a downloadable template and example, please click on the link below:

Template (click to download)

Cover Letter Template #1.PNG
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