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Employer Services

Welcome, employers! 

A Job Developer for the YMCA Employment Service is a Human Resources and Marketing Specialist rolled into one.  A Job Developer creates job opportunities for job seekers by helping employers determine their hiring needs by seeking out motivated, reliable and dependable applicants for the positions they need to fill.  By working with our Job Developers, employers have immediate access to a pool of job-ready job seekers as prospects for potential hires.   

Registering your business with the YMCA Employment Service will enable you to post jobs through the many avenues that are available at no cost.  Because the Job Developers are part of a wider team of Employment Specialists, we work together to pre-screen job seekers for you to ensure you get suitable applicants, thus cutting down on the time consuming process of recruiting.  Our goal is to lighten your load and assist you in finding the best person for the job. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding our Job Development Services. 

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