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Interview Tips


An interview is your opportunity to display your knowledge, capabilities and skills that are essential to do the job successfully. Although most of us are appropriate for the position, it is common to become nervous and flustered during the interview. Preparation and positive thinking will help you to overcome your nervousness. 


The job coaches at the YMCA Employment Service can help you to practice your interview skills and get feedback so you will be even stronger in your interviews.  

Key Points to Prepare for an Interview 
  • Ask questions about the type of interview it will be and if there will be testing 

  • Know who will be interviewing you, on what day and at what time 

  • Review your training, skills & experience and be prepared to answer questions about them 

  • Know the job posting or job description so you can talk about your relevant skills in the interview 

  • Research the company online so you are prepared to answer questions they may ask you about their company 

  • Prepare some questions for the interviewer (hint: not about wages or benefits) 

Here are a couple videos to help prepare you for your next interview: 

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