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Interview Prep

What is it?

Stressed about that interview? Looking to wow your dream employer? How do you answer that age-old question, ‘Tell me about yourself”? 


With our 2-hour interview workshop, we can help you build your confidence and provide you with strategies for answering those tough interview questions. We focus on the STAR method of interviewing, which highlight those tough behavioral questions.    


What to follow up with some practice questions? Participants can opt for an in-person, over the phone or virtual opportunity to test their interview skills that best replicate the interview they are prepping for. Virtual interviews do require reliable internet and access to a device with a camera and microphone.  


When is it happening?


Offered one to one through Job Coaching services or TBD for next workshop offering!


Additional Information


Note the workshop portion is currently offered virtually, so join us anywhere via Zoom! *Access to reliable internet and a device is required*

How do I register?

If this workshop sounds like the right fit for you, please call 705-746-8480!

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