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Not Having Success? A Personal Job Coach Can Help! 


Our Job Coaches can help you identify your job search goals, create a plan to attain them and support you along to the way to successful employment. 


A job coach can help you: 
  • Create a professional resume and cover letter 

  • Identify your skills and experience  

  • Practice interview questions with constructive feedback to improve your performance

  • Connect with employers to apply for jobs, network or access jobs that are not advertised 

  • Find community organizations that may be able to help you with things that are not job search related 

  • Navigate any challenges that come with starting a new job 

  • Determine what careers might be a good fit for you

  • Assess government programs that may help you in reaching your goals 

  • Identify possible references and create a references sheet 


Your Job Coach will offer ongoing support and encouragement through appointments, calls and emails to help you attain your career goals. Call us or ask at the front desk for more information. Click here for ways to contact the YMCA Employment Service nearest you. Let’s get started today! 

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